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Name:Eyes Rutherford
Birthdate:Nov 11
Eyes Rutherford
Age: 17
Birthday/Sign: November 11/Scorpio
Height: 5' 6"
Home: England
Random: World-class pianist, high class, comes off cold-hearted but is definitely not heartless, quiet, says very little, when he does actually speak it is likely that he has something important to say, can surprise you with saying/doing something random, stoic.

Eyes is a member of the Blade Children. He cares a lot about them and would do absolutely anything for their survival. He is very loyal to Kiyotaka and knows more than the other Blade Children, keeping certain information to himself.

The Blade Children are cursed children that only few people know about. One of the main features of the Blade Children are their slit-shaped pupils/cat-like eyes. They all are also missing a seventh rib on the right of their rib cage (this causes the Blade Children some pain from time to time).
more on the Blade Children. WARNING: Contains lots of spoilers!

"Eyes Rutherford is the combination of the hard Arctic winter and the gentle English early summer. Outwardly, he is cold and severe, perfect in every aspect of the Blade Child image and expecting that perfection of others, and unaccepting of failure by either others or himself. However, behind that icy shell is a compassionate nature and a gentle kindness that, while he is reluctant to show it, often slips out in tiny ways without him noticing. Once he has decided to protect someone, he spares no effort to do so.Though he might never actively say out loud that he considers someone a friend, he makes it known in several little ways, and those closest to him recognize those signs and appreciate it. Thus does Eyes earn the complete loyalty of his companions."Description © kokochan1

Eyes is very popular and successful in the pop culture. His albums sell millions worldwide, and his recitals are always packed with thousands and thousands of people.

He believes that there is hope for the Blade Children, and he is determined to find it. He refuses to believe that they were born to die, because if they were, why were they born in the first place?
Wage Minimum
Mission SS Thor rose painter [Minimum]
Room 3-33 with [info]Reimu Hakurei, [info]Marisa Kirisame, [info]Euphemia li Britannia, [info]Vegeta, [info]Otonashi Yuzuru
This journal is part of Mostly Harmless. Eyes is from the anime Spiral (Suiri no Kizuna). Layout credit.
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